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Public Health on the Frontlines of an Outbreak: SPHTM responds to Ebola

From parsing out the genetic components of Ebola to participating in the overarching global and policy response, it’s no surprise that Tulane faculty and alumni are part of the response to the outbreak of Ebola virus in West Africa. Their … Continue reading

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Malaria prevention saves children’s lives

Malaria continues to be a major disease worldwide, but while funding projects are working hard to improve malaria prevention it is difficult to measure how effective these interventions are. Research published in BioMed Central’s open access journal Malaria Journal has … Continue reading

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Don’t Give Me Fever!

Alumna Emily S. Jentes, who earned her doctorate in tropical medicine in 2008, is the lead author of a paper in Lancet Infectious Diseases that describes the effort to revise the global yellow fever risk map. The informal WHO working … Continue reading

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