Global Health Spring/Summer 2011

Targeting A Global Disease
Eradicating malaria is an ambitious goal, but Tulane SPHTM experts are doing their part to achieve it with a multi-disciplinary approach to prevention and treatment. more >>

Spreading the Word about Breast Cancer
With late-stage breast cancer diagnoses on the rise among African-American women, a new interactive DVD has been released during National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. more >>

Building Capacity in Haiti
Cholera outbreaks, disputed elections, civil unrest and earthquakes are unlikely to deter the commitment of Tulane researchers to improving the infrastructure of Haiti. more >>

Guinea Worm’s Last Stand
The end of Guinea worm disease is near, according to alumni Matt Ward and Steve Bennett and current student Brady Zieman, all of whom have worked in Southern Sudan with the Carter Center’s efforts to eradicate the disease. more >>

Extra: Toxic Traps Prey on Mosquito’s Motherly Instincts
Researchers are using mosquitoes’ motherly instincts against them to develop a novel trap to fight the spread of dengue fever. view the video >>

Interactive Map: Tulane IS Global Health
Be a part of Tulane SPHTM’s centennial celebration by sharing where you are working in global health around the world. more >>


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