Message from the Dean Spring/Summer 2016

Pierre Beukens, MD, MPH, PhD

Pierre Beukens, MD, MPH, PhD

Dear Friends and Colleagues:

A spreading Infectious disease is once again in the news and significantly impacting public health in multiple countries. In recent years we’ve seen novel influenza varieties, the Ebola virus, and, now, the Zika virus endangering the health of diverse populations. In what’s become a compact world, these and other infectious diseases continue to reach across regions and across the globe, emphasizing the need for practitioners who can both prepare for and respond to outbreaks and address the myriad needs of communities affected by the spread of infectious viruses.

In this issue, we explore how Tulane SPHTM is responding to Zika, a virus at the nexus of several of our research areas. We also highlight a mentoring program that our Alumni Association has launched, an excellent opportunity for both student mentees and their alumni mentors. Through two very personal articles, we celebrate two colleagues who have left indelible marks on our school.

Of course, you’ll also get a glimpse into some of the research in which faculty are involved and catch up on alumni activities. We hope that you will share with us what you are doing, especially how your degree is helping you make a difference in the world.

Best regards,

Pierre Buekens

Pierre Buekens, MD, MPH, PhD
W. H. Watkins Professor and Dean
Tulane University School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine