Message from the Dean Fall/Winter 2012

Dear Friends,

I hope that many of you are receiving this copy of Global Health while you are enjoying the Centennial festivities on campus. For those of you who are not, you are missing an SPHTM event like no other!

We are joined at Centennial by lovely friends from around the globe, including Her Excellency Florence Duperval Guillaume, the minister of public health and population for Haiti; Antoinette Kitoto Tshefu, an alumna who is now dean of the Kinshasa School of Public Health (see page 15); John Nay, former ambassador to Suriname; Peter Piot, current director of the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine; and Harrison Spencer who is president of the Association of Schools of Public Health, but is the former dean of both our School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine and the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. These and many other speakers are arriving to New Orleans to join with us in our special celebration.

Our faculty, staff, and students have been preparing for this momentous weekend for over a year now. Departments are hosting open houses; students are presenting posters that show their research; alumni are discussing the state of their field with fellow alumni and soon-to-be alumni. The alumni gathered here can see firsthand the work our community is doing, like post-disaster studies in the Gulf South and South Carolina (pages 2 and 3), research in labs designed to address emerging infectious diseases (page 4), training to address gene-environment interaction (page 5), and epigenetic research into common illnesses (page 12).
If you’ve not had the opportunity to participate, I hope you will visit our Facebook and LinkedIn pages and our website to see all the photos. We’ll include some in the next issue, as well, and will include information on the winners of our Leaders in Global Health awards.

A centennial celebration is a once-in-a-lifetime event, but we are also planning future opportunities for you, our alumni and friends, to reconnect and share with us again in the future.

Until then,
Best regards,

Pierre Buekens, MD, PhD


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