Lagniappe Letter Spring/Summer 2016

Elaine Ricketts Hicks

Elaine Ricketts Hicks, Past President

Early 2016 has brought many changes to the Alumni Association. First, Tatine Frater, our senior development officer, retired, and we welcomed our new Development Director Verna Aucoin. At our March business meeting, we also welcomed three new directors to the Alumni Board: Leah Berger-Jensen (IHLMPH ’04), Dana Schmucker (BSPH’12, BIOS MSPH ’13), and Martina Musmeci Salles (NUTR MPH ’03)

I am changing my role on the board with my resignation as president, effective May 31. Per the procedures outlined in the Alumni Association’s bylaws, Stephanie Dopson (HEDC MPH ’99, HSM ScD ’13) succeeds me as president and I am now, officially, the past-president. The Executive Committee will proceed with an election for a new vice president. Meanwhile, Lori Hoepner (MCH MPH ’95), who has served as past president for the past three years will continue in her role as chair of the Nominations Committee.

Atlanta, Ga. alumni chapter

The Atlanta Chapter of the TUSPHTM Alumni Association gathered for the Tulane Business Breakfast. At the breakfast, the chapter welcomed the CDC interns who will be representing the school at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention over the summer. The group also had the opportunity to hear about the Flint, Mich., water crisis from alumna Raquel Sabogal (EHS MSPH ’00).

You can look for a Lagniappe Letter from Stephanie this fall! In the meantime, there are plenty of ways to participate including speaking on campus, mentoring, participating in or starting a local chapter, and generating new topics of discussion on LinkedIn! Which reminds me: up until now the Alumni Association and SPHTM Career Services have had separate LinkedIn groups. That’s changing. If you are a member of the Career Services LinkedIn group only, please considering joining the Alumni Association group. Margie Cartwright, director of career services, will be closing that group so that alumni will have a “one-stop shop” when it comes to career networking through LinkedIn.

It has been a pleasure to serve the association over the past three years. I know I will continue to see and communicate with many of you! Thank you for helping me to grow this organization and continue to spread the word about our wonderful School of Public
Health and Tropical Medicine.


Elaine Ricketts Hicks (CHS MPH ’94) Past President
TUSPHTM Alumni Association Board of Directors