Lagniappe Letter Spring/Summer 2015

Mission: Connecting students to alumni

Elaine Ricketts Hicks

Elaine Ricketts Hicks

We are always trying to find ways to connect alumni and students. The recent Thought Symposium, a forum put on by the Student Government Association, provided an excellent opportunity to do just that. Thirteen New Orleans alumni from several disciplines mingled with 33 students at a networking event held at Desi Vega steak house.

Tulane held the Women Making Waves conference, which included Collette Brogna (BSPH ’11, GEHS MSPH ’13), Leah Berger-Jensen (IHD MPH ’04), Dana Schmucker (BIOS MSPH ’13), and board member Erica Washington (EPID MPH ’09).

Among the information shared was the fact that Career Services are available to all Tulane alumni!

This spring, the Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI) visited the school from its Boston headquarters for a full day of networking with students. CHAI Global Recruiter Sydney Leroy presented a luncheon information session explaining the organization’s origins, operations, and hiring needs and practices to a group over thirty students and local alumni. After lunch, several students were invited for one-on-one informational meetings with Ms. Leroy to learn about CHAI in even greater depth. This unique day would not have happened but for alumna Tina Damales (GHSD MPH ’13), communications associate at CHAI, who connected Tulane SPHTM with her employer. An excellent means for alumni at all levels of experience to assist current students and fellow alumni is to advocate for their employers to connect with students through informational programs and practical experience opportunities.


At the Spring Alumni Association Board Meeting, from left to right: Marla Santiago, SGA president Jeremy Weintraub, Elisabeth Gleckler, Sue Griffey, Tatine Frater, Elaine Hicks, August Martin, Stephanie Dopson, Lisanne Brown, NancyKay Wessman Sullivan, and Lori Hoepner.

The night before our recent board meeting, SPHTM Career Services Director Margie Cartwright, Esq., and board members Sue Griffey (IHD MPH ’83, DrPH ’93) and Stephanie Dopson (HEDC MPH’99, HSM ScD ’13) initiated mock interviews with eight students to help them prepare for the real thing. The mock interviews were so well received that we will repeat the activity during our fall board meeting, coinciding with Tulane Homecoming in November. Let us know if you would like to participate in the interviews or the board meeting.

Board members August S. Martin Jr (EHS MSPH ’00) and Sue Griffey created the 2015 Alumni Survey, which helps the school prepare for our accreditation with the Council for the Education of Public Health. You can find a link on the back cover of this magazine! Please take a moment to fill it out.

We recently have had the pleasure of recognizing two students with the Alumni Association Student Recognition Awards, which went to our new alumni Maria Garcia Quesada (BSPH ’15) and Weiwei Ouyang (BIOS MPH ’15).

Tatine Frater, senior development officer for SPHTM, says that the SPHTM Alumni Association Board is the most active board she’s aware of. While I don’t doubt her, a lot of our recent successes are due in large part to the work of twelve active members, many who joined at our last election.

Our work is also made possible thanks to support from Dean Pierre Buekens, our new Alumni Coordinator Marla Santiago de Jesus, Margie Cartwright, and Tatine Frater, herself.

Please contact me at any time at elainerhicks@tulanealumni. net if you want to connect with students or with fellow alumni.

Elaine Ricketts Hicks (CHS MPH ’94)




TUSPHTM Alumni Association Board of Directors


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