Health Research News Spring Summer 2013

SPHTM Expands Efforts in Latin America and the Caribbean
Three new efforts are int he works with our Latin American and Caribbean colleagues. In May of this year, the school reinstituted its two-week summer program in Cuba. A Fogarty Framework grant is funding the new Inter-American Training for Innovation in Emerging Infectious Diseases (IATIEID) program designed to encourage much-needed innovation in global health. Maureen Lichtveld, chair of the Department of Global Environmental Health Sciences, will lead the new Caribbean Consortium for Research in Environmental and Occupational Health (CCREOH), a partnership with Dennis Mans of Anton de Kom University of Suriname. more>>

4-Humanure_thumbLet the Toilet Revolution Begin
The Humanure Power Project was launched by Anoop Jain during his first year at SPHTM and aims to provide sanitation  and electricity to rural India by building community toilets that harness methane gas from human waste to produce electricity for the community via 12-volt batteries. more>>

5-Bike-Lanes_thumbStudy Finds Cycling Surge After City Bike Lane Project
Bike lanes continue to gain popularity in New Orleans with the latest set of lanes boasting a surge in riders, according to a new Tulane University study. more>>


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