Alumni Reconnect in Germany After 50 Years

Here’s what they have been doing since 1965:


Then (1965): Tulane University, New Orleans. Roy W. Keiser Jr. (left of sign) and Hanns M. Seitz (immediate right of sign) earned graduate degrees in public health, Seitz receiving the master of public health and tropical medicine degree and Keiser, the master of public health. (Pictured with James Dunn.)

HANNS SEITZ: In 1964/65 I took the postgraduate MPHTM course at Tulane and I graduated in May together with my friend Roy W. Keiser Jr who was on the public health course. After leaving Tulane, I worked as a physician in various hospitals in Germany. I joined the Institute of Tropical Medicine in Tuebingen (Germany) in 1967 and for a couple of months I did some work in Nigeria at an outpost of the institute. By 1979, I was employed as a visiting scientist at the WHO Immunology Research and Training Center in Nairobi, Kenya. I was appointed as director of the Institute for Medical Parasitology at the Medical Faculty University of Bonn (Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universitaet) in 1980, where I retired in 2003.


Now (2015): Bonn, Germany. Two former classmates classmates (Keiser, left in white; Seitz, right in green) reconnect on the 50th anniversary of their graduation. The two had not seen each other in 50 years but had kept in touch with phone calls, mail, and email.

ROY KEISER: After graduation from Tulane University’s Master of Public Health program I joined the engineering section of the Louisiana State Department of Health. During my employment of over 25 years there, I supervised several programs including the first environmental radiation surveillance of food and other products in Louisiana. After completing that program, I worked with my mentor, Mr. Sheldon Hanneman, in occupation health studying health-related problems in chemical plants and other locations. I closed out my career supervising oyster water testing in the coastal waters off of Louisiana. I retired in 1987.

HANNS SEITZ: So we both had to celebrate the 50th anniversary of our graduation. Roy had the marvelous idea to visit me for this occasion here in Germany. We spent two wonderful weeks together refreshing memories about our time at Tulane, remembering the professors who meant so much to us, including Dr. Margret Smith, Dr. Beaver, and Dr. R. Yaeger.


About Tulane University SPHTM

Tulane's School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine is the oldest school of public health in the country and the only American school of tropical medicine. Our mission is to advance public health knowledge, promote health and well-being, and prevent disease, disability, and premature mortality. This is accomplished through academic excellence in education of public health professionals, rigorous scientific research of public health problems, creative partnerships to advance the practice of public health, and innovative service to the local, national, and international public health community.
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